Scholarships And Grants

grants-folderScholarships and grants can be merit-based or need-based aid. Merit-based scholarships and grants are given to students on the basis of academic, artistic, athletic, or personal achievement. Other criteria such as where you’re from, your field of study, disability status, military service or other specifics may also be part of a decision for merit-based awards. Need-based scholarships or grants are awarded based solely on the student’s financial circumstances.

Scholarships and grants may be substantial or small, but are worth seeking because whatever is offered usually does not need to be repaid.

You don’t need to pay someone to help you find financial aid. Your high school or the financial aid office of the college you plan to attend can help you find and apply for scholarships available from colleges, community organizations, or private foundations. Our website,, and our call center, toll-free 866.866.CFNC (2362), are also available at no charge to assist you in your search for financial aid resources.

And completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is free too. Not only does submitting the FAFSA determine whether you’re eligible for federal student aid, it also determines eligibility for state and other financial aid. If you’re a resident of North Carolina, have financial need, and plan to attend college in North Carolina you’ll automatically be considered for every state need-based grant, scholarship, and loan.

Step One: Complete your FAFSA

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Step Two: Begin your Scholarship Search

Find North Carolina scholarships and grants:

The Department of Labor’s handy scholarship search tool may help with your research:

For another source for researching scholarships check here:

Some common types of federal grants for college and career programs are the Pell Grant, the FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant), TEACH Grants (for those planning to teach), and Military Service Grants.