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The cost of NC Colleges

Public or private, two-year or four-year, specialized training, North Carolina colleges and universities offer many different programs of study at reasonable prices when compared with most out-of-state schools. College costs vary widely. Most of the difference is in tuition and fees, but there are other costs to consider too, housing, meals, books, supplies, personal expenses, and transportation.

Use CFNC tools to find colleges that match your interests and then compare them to see the difference in cost. Make a well-informed choice. If starting early, use our savings calculator to see how much you might put aside for college to make your dreams a reality.

Explore Education Opportunities

Use this tool to select North Carolina colleges and universities you’d be interested in attending. The button takes you straight to the tuition of the school you select, but remember, cost is more than just tuition. While on the chart, click the name of the school for lots more information. Easily browse information about location, number of students, and other features for each school. You can even link to various school websites.

Education Opportunities

Savings Calculator

If you’re planning ahead, experiment with one or both of our savings calculators to try out different savings goals. Whatever you can save will help. The family of a student heading to college is typically responsible for paying what it can reasonably afford for college. Most families pay their share of college expenses with a combination of saving, borrowing, and current income. The rest of the money for college often comes from federal, state or private sources if there is financial need.


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Advanced College Savings Planner

Use College Savings Planner for advanced savings scenarios.

College Savings Planner

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