Timeka Ruffin Talks About Paying for College

Timeka Ruffin

College Foundation of North Carolina’s Timeka Ruffin talked with parents at Anson High School on September 21 about various options that they have when it comes to paying for college. The discussion touched on a variety of college cost topics, including¬†scholarships, financial aid, and¬†balancing tuition with room & board expenses.

Read the complete details in the Anson Record article.

Get additional help on paying for college at CFNC.org or by calling 866-866-CFNC.

Financial Aid: One Tool to Make Higher Education Possible

Make Higher Education Possible

Financial aid is one of the tools that makes higher education possible for many students. It may mean being able to continue your education when you otherwise would not be able or being able to attend the school of your choice despite higher tuition costs.

Financial aid includes: