It’s Never Too Late to Start Saving for College

Has it suddenly hit you how soon your child will be going to college? The early days of child-rearing go by quickly, and if you haven’t been putting aside money for college, you may think it’s too late to start. But  it’s never too late! Anything you can put away now can help with future college expenses — and you can even keep saving once your child actually enrolls.

Start Saving for College Today

With as little as $25,

Understanding College Loans

When you’re looking for ways to pay for college, college loans can be a major tool in your toolkit. Unlike scholarships and grants, loans must be repaid after you leave college. That’s why it is important to fully understand the different types of student loans before you start college.

The major types of loans used for higher education are:

Federal Direct Subsidized Loans are available for students with financial need.

Ways to Pay for College, Courtesy of Your State

North Carolina Scholarship Info

The price tag for college may seem daunting, but, in comparison with many other states, you’ll find North Carolina’s colleges and universities reasonably priced.  Plus, a number of North Carolina residents planning to attend an in-state school benefit from North Carolina scholarships, grants, and other programs to help cover college costs.

To be considered for North Carolina scholarships or grants, you’ll need to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) first.